What is OM Doing in Japan

After 2 years of no missionaries allowed to enter Japan, there are new OM missionaries arriving. The man on the right is the field leader of Japan. The man in the middle is the leader of OM organization. New Missionaries have been trained Online Training which started in June. It ended at the end of September.  Please... Continue Reading →

Small Group Biblical Counseling Training 

After many months of preparation, the small group training for the Biblical Counselors started from September. The training will continue to the end of February. God has answered your prayers, and there are more than 60 people who have registered for the training. Dr. Joe Miller from the US and Brian Broaddus from the south... Continue Reading →

Distribution of First Book 

So thankful for how this book is being used in different Biblical Counseling settings around Japan. Hundreds of books have been distributed to different churches by the distribution team. Thankful for many people who have donated to make this book available for free for the believers in Japan. Here is the flyer we made to... Continue Reading →

Visiting Christian Schools in Japan

The summer has been very fruitful because Tak traveled around Japan to visit the best Christian Schools in Japan to learn how to begin and manage a Christian school. Tak visited a total of 4 Japanese Christian Schools, 3 English Christian Schools, and 2 Bilingual Christian schools.  Hongodai Christian School in Yokohama. 35 students in... Continue Reading →

Olympic Outreaches

Thank you for your prayers during the Olympic Games.  The planning for the Olympic outreaches started over 3 years ago, and many of the outreaches will be finished by the end of this month. We are going to be busy for the next one month with the Paralympic outreaches and follow-up with the people who... Continue Reading →

Why Sports Ministry in Japan

How can we reach over 99% of Japanese people who are lost? More than 90% of them have never heard the Gospel. Sports is one of the many tools we are using to reach the Japanese people for Christ. More than 70% of the population in Japan are involved in sports in some kind of... Continue Reading →

Spots Festival Outreach

It was so exciting we were permitted by the city to have the Sports Festival Outreach. We were planning this outreach for almost a year. We had two teams come from Tokyo and Hokkaido to help us with about 30 volunteers who stayed at our church.  We are thankful for so many people who helped with... Continue Reading →

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