Why Missionaries to Japan?

Since becoming a believer, the Lord has worked in my heart to share how God has changed my heart and life through Jesus Christ. I completed my business degree, but the Lord had given me the burden to go back to Japan where there are so many people who are spiritually suffering and lost. So I began studying in seminary, Sarah and I were married, and we waited for direction from the Lord.

Close to my graduation, we had to make a decision very quickly since my American student visa was expiring. Sarah was expecting Naomi, and our pastor had counseled us to continue to wait on the Lord’s timing and perhaps gain experience working under an experienced pastor in Canada since we still felt unclear about the timing .

Through the last seven years, the Lord directed us to Vancouver where we have had numerous opportunities to minister to many Japanese-Canadian families and serve in two different churches including a church plant. Over that time, we met a missionary who encouraged us to visit and meet Pastor Sakai at Uchinada Bible Church in Japan.

We first visited Uchinada Bible Church in Ishikawa prefecture in 2013. Then in 2015 we traveled under Operation Mobilization to Uchinada to serve as short-term missionary interns for a six month period.



During our time living in Japan and since, God has been convicting Sarah and I to return to be long-term missionaries in Japan. We will be missionaries at Uchinada Bible Church in Ishikawa Prefecture. With over 150 members and 7 staff, the church has been a center for many missionaries to train before traveling to serve and plant churches in other parts of Japan.


We are sorry to say goodbye to close friends and family members here in Canada, but we are trusting that it is God’s will for us to minister and help the people in Japan. Within a very short time over the last few months, God has opened doors one after another for us to return to Japan to be missionaries. We are trusting the Lord, and praise God for His perfect timing and His will.

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