Christmas Outreach Prayer Request

Teaching and Mobilizing

In the last few weeks, I have begun preaching at various services and sharing the vision for Japanese believers to develop close fellowship and to be disciple-makers.

Each time, there have been specific people who have vocalized a desire to follow through to disciple others, yet desire personal discipleship themselves. I hope to soon  begin discipleship of these believers. Please keep me in prayer.

Upcoming Outreaches:

December is a great time to reach the lost and invite people to church to hear the good news of Jesus. The following are outreaches that I will be assisting with and request prayer for:

  • Saturday, December 2nd – Children Christmas Program Outreach.

Three elementary schools gave us permission to hand out invitations to our Children Christmas Program Outreach. Praise God! We have been going to the different elementary schools at 7:10-8 am to hand-out flyers as children arrive. We are praying for 100 children this year to hear the Gospel.  20-30 church volunteers will be helping with this large outreach.


  • Saturday, December 9th – Ladies Church Christmas Party Outreach 

(Expecting 60-80 people). I will be giving the message at this outreach.

  • Saturday, December 16th – Christmas Mall Caroling   Children from the church will be singing and performing with handchimes. There will also be several solos by musicians from the church. I will be preaching the Christmas message.
  • Saturday, December 16th – Christmas Party Outreach for Young Adults
  • Thursday, December 21st – Christmas Caroling at a Medical/Dental Clinic   
  • Saturday, December 23rd – Bookstore Christmas Caroling 

We will be holding a Christmas Carol concert at a one of the largest bookstores on the West Coast of Japan.

  • Sunday, December 24, Christmas Eve Candlelight Concert and Service       

Many visitors attend this service. Please pray for everyone who God is preparing to bring. Please pray for me to clearly portray the Good News of Christ as I preach on this evening.

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