Happy New Year! 2017 went by so fast. God has been answering your prayers, and we have been having many open doors to share the Gospel in unlikely places.

Sharing the Gospel at Omicho Fish Market.

With several other missionaries, and young families from Uchinada church, we handed out 1000 Gospel flyers in the downtown market in Kanazawa and over a thousand Gospel scroll pens.


Here is a picture of the children running to give gospel tracts to the shoppers.

Sharing the Gospel to employees from the city hall and community centre.

A local community centre is under renovation. The city hall contacted Uchinada church to receive permission to allow the different classes meeting at the centre to meet in our church building. You won’t believe what happened!

A weekly exercise class for senior citizens has been meeting at our church now. The group leader mentioned before Christmas that since becoming familiar with the church, the group was curious about Christianity and wanted to know more. There are over 20 people in the class who have never heard the Gospel before. The church was asked to explain about Christianity at one of their classes. Then at their Christmas party, the church was asked to share the Christian meaning of Christmas. It is amazing how God made a way to have these Senior citizens to clearly hear the Gospel through a building renovation!

Please pray that God will soften and prepare the soil for the Gospel seed that has been planted to bear fruit. We desire to see many individuals being discipled into saving faith.

Thank you for being our prayer partner!

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