Miraculous Healing of Noah

God is hearing each prayer and answering. He started talking in short sentences!
Noah’s smile is back! Both his eyes just lit up today with so much expression. Then first his left side and then his right side of his face lifted in a beautiful smile. God answered Naomi’s prayer to bring back her little brother’s smile!
Comparison photos of his smiles from 2nd day to 7th day of recovery.
Psalm 98. Praising God for hearing his children!

The first six weeks after a stroke, apparently the brain is plastic like a newborn and major neuro-regeneration can occur.

Hundreds of People Praying for Noah Around the World
We have heard back from more than 300 people praying, have received almost a hundred people bring Noah forward in prayer at their churches around the world. We  are playing scripture worship music to Noah and have told the doctors that there are thousands around the world praying for them and for Noah. https://www.seedsfamilyworship.com/product/seeds-of-courage-vol-1/

Claiming Isaiah 41:10 no matter what happens tomorrow and the coming days.

Here is a picture from the high contrast CT scan.


Praise the Lord that the blockage is not 100%. Some blood is still getting through to supply the left side of his brain. If the blockage moves and all the blood is cut off, it could be very bad though. That is a concern.
The left basal ganglia that died controls personality, smoothness of movement, stopping and starting movement or speech, decision making. Without it, Noah’s symptoms on the right side of his body are like a man with Parkinson’s disease.
Doctors are shocked at how Noah is able to still use the right side of his body. However, the right side is weaker than the left side. His symptoms are manageable. His personality and little quirks are coming out which has surprised us and the doctors since the part of his brain affected controls personality. Praising God for His goodness.


Prayer point: Noah is at high risk for another stroke until they can determine the cause of the first stroke and treat him. Pray for the Lord’s protection over him.

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