Our Son had a Stroke

We have an urgent prayer request. Our 4 year old son had a STROKE on the left side of his Brain. The doctors have determined it is either a clot or arterial dissection in the left major artery deep inside the brain. The basal ganglia has already died. They are concerned about the whole left side of his brain dying. As the tissue dies, it causes inflammation and fever. He currently has a high fever and swelling in the brain, and so they cannot do further tests to determine the exact cause of the stroke until the fever is down and Noah is stable. The medication for dissolving a clot is too high risk as it can cause major hemorrhage and death. Please be praying for God’s mercy for Noah!!!

We went to the emergency room after we saw his smile, and the following are the MRI pictures.
The main artery to the left side of his brain has a blockage, but they don’t know if it is due to the artery dissecting or a clot. The basal ganglia part of his brain has already died.
Noah has been on blood thinners and is too young for medication to dissolve a clot. If they use the medicine, it will cause massive hemorrhage and death. If it is a dissection of the artery, the artery is too deep in the brain to operate without causing severe damage elsewhere.
     If the cause is a clot, they can only give medication to prevent further clotting. The tissue though will continue to die. He may lose complete control of the left side of his body.The doctor said the worse case scenario is death.
Please Pray for Noah
This picture was taken 2 weeks before. It says, “Jesus Loves Me” in Japanese. We know God has a plan for all of this. We serve a good and loving God. We greatly appreciate your prayers. There is nothing we can do in our hands. All we can do now is ask God for help.

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