First Meeting at the Public Library

Our son’s stroke happened at a time when God was opening new opportunities for ministry here in Japan. This storm of life came after 7 months of ministering in Japan, when our whole family was finally getting acclimated and adjusted to our new life in Japan. This trial was so sudden, has taken so much time away from our previous ministry focus, distracted our minds away from ministry, and separated our family from being together. Satan may have attempted to hinder us from reaching the lost in Japan through this experience. However, God has increased our faith even more through immediate answered prayers for our son, and we will not stop sharing the gospel with the lost in Japan.

Praise God! God is opening doors because of your prayers! We had our first meeting in April with the parents and young children. The room was full, and the librarian was so surprised to see so many people for the first meeting. We had a special guest from England share the ministry of the Logos Hope Evangelism Ship.


Noah Great Evangelist
2 weeks before his stroke, Noah and I went to the public elementary school near our house to hand out flyers at 6:45am (students were coming to school from 6:50am-7:55am). Noah was so excited to wake up early to invite children to church. Noah helped with handing out flyers to the children of the elementary school. We got permission from the principal to do this! There were about 15 unbelievers who came to our church. More photos on the bottom of Noah handing out flyers.

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