Gospel Concert Outreach by Junko Cheng

We did a Gospel Concert Outreach several months ago and invited a special guest from California. Her name is Junko Cheng. We were able to invite many friends and neighbors to church.

The Concert Poster was posted at the Public Library, stores, and other places. The Public Library was so excited about Junko doing a concert in Uchinada, she put 4 posters around the Library. The Librarian was inviting people to the concert for us!


About 80 people!
About 25 unbelievers visited the church!

There were many more people that came to the concert than we expected. Musical concerts are one of the best ways to invite unbelievers to come to church and hear the gospel.


Naomi’s teacher from her public elementary school came!

Naomi’s teacher lived in Canada for one month, and she has shown a lot of interest in Naomi and our family.


DSC09553I met Junko and her husband during my deputation trip, and the timing worked for them to do a concert in Uchinada, Japan. She shared her salvation testimony, and people were able to hear the gospel.

Naomi’s school teacher said “I love church!”

Wow! I never thought I would hear those words from an unbeliever. It was her first time to visit a church. Please pray for the many people that visited our church.


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