Nagashi Soumen Noodles and Farewell

Nagashi Soumen Noodles

The children really enjoyed the Nagashi-Somen at the Vacation Bible School. We let the noodles run down a pipe, and the children have to pick the noodles up with chopsticks before the noodles flow away and disappear. It was one of the high lights, and many children are still talking about it. The children and the parents loved the VBS, and the gospel was given to many children who have never heard the gospel before.

Will miss this missionary family returning to home field.

This Swiss-Japanese missionary family helped our family to adjust to life in Japan and Ishikawa. They took our family on many outings, showed us where to shop, and assisted us many times with daily items related to living, school, technology etc. After more than five years, they are returning to their home field in Switzerland.

Their son who attends the same kindergarten and church as our family, is often mistaken for Noah and vice versa in our town. He is good friends with Noah and him and his family will be very missed.

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