Noah’s Update

Noah’s Update
We had a meeting with the neurologist and he reassured us that he doesn’t expect Noah to have a risk of stroke again. He sent out letters to many pediatric neurologists in Japan and said all the responses back were that it is very rare to have a repeat stroke following this time period in healthy pediatric patients. He said that Noah will not need surgery. The blood flow to his brain is very good from other areas.

Noah also no longer needs to wear a helmet for daily play. He still wears his helmet to his kindergarten. Such a reassuring meeting. God has displayed His kindness to us again. Thank you for all your many prayers!!!

Noah’s speech is basically normal. Very rarely now he has some vocabulary mix-ups, but his speed of speech in Japanese is normal for any child. Basically, Noah looks, talks, and speaks like any other little boy his age. God is good!!

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