Christmas Outreach

Handed out flyers to all the students in 4 Public Schools

We are so thankful for the team of volunteers who helped us hand out flyers for our Children’s Christmas Outreach. 

School starts at 8 am in Japan, and elementary school students begin arriving at school from 7 am. So early!!! We received permission from the principals, and so were able to hand out flyers from 7 am in the morning. 

About 150 children attended the Children’s Christmas Outreach

We are thankful for over 30 volunteers who helped to have this outreach. We provided lunch for all the guests for free.

Noah’s roommate from the hospital visited

We are so thankful for how God has allowed us to plant the Gospel seed in the hearts of the lost through Noah’s stroke. We still have Noah’s roommate, a medical doctor, and his nurse’s children visiting our church on a regular basis. God is good!

Christmas Play by the children
The children in our church did an excellent job with the Christmas Play.

Preaching the Gospel
Children were very interested in hearing the gospel. Many children came to me after the preaching to talk about Jesus Christ.

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