School Patrol Volunteering

Noah and I had an opportunity to stand at the street corner to make sure the children who walk to school can safely cross. We were able to meet many elementary school students. Many children in the neighborhood and area know our family.

Sarah and the children at Noah’s kindergarten (over 150 children attend here).
The principal has been kind to let us put many flyers of our church events. Please continue to pray for this good relationship with the school.

Potluck Dinner on Sunday

We are thankful for our Chinese brother (he became a believer 4 years ago after arriving in Japan). Him and his wife often make very special Chinese food before the Sunday evening service.

We are seeing more new faces at the Public Library Mother and baby time. The library has asked us to be part of the Library Christmas Program that usually has 50 children and 25 parents! 

We have a team practicing the chimes for the Christmas concert at the book store, shopping mall, and Library Outreach.


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