Four Children Baptized

We are very thankful there were four children who made a profession of faith and were baptized! It was a great honor to baptize the child in the photo. He has attended Awana club and church from a young age, but came to faith through a series of sermons on trials and faith in God. He finally made the decision to believe in Jesus and get baptized after hearing about and seeing Noah’s stroke and recovery.

The testimonies of the four children were very powerful. It was encouraging to hear how these children accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour. 

Parents’ Commitment to Disciple their Children
The parents of the four children came forward and the deacons and pastors layed hands on the parents to pray for them. This is not done frequently in Japan. However, I have been challenging the parents that they cannot rely on the church to disciple their children. It is the parents’ responsibility to train up their children. 

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