Overseas Instruction in Counseling

OIC is a branch of Association of certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). We will have the second training session in November this year and two more training sessions in 2020. 

OIC has been training Biblical Counselors in over 31 countries for more than 15 years. 

We had a total of 4 guest speapkers. Dr. Joe from the US, and 3 other Pastors from around Japan. This is Pastor Brian from Fukuoka.

This is Pastor Okada from Saitama. Pastor Okada has a lot of experience in counseling. 

This is Pastor Jesse. He is one of the pastors at Tokyo Baptist Church. Tokyo Baptist Church is the first church this Biblical Counseling Training Seminar took place. 

All the speakers could only speak English.
So, I translated for the speakers the whole time. 

The future goal is to provide this training in Japanese by equipped Japanese Pastors.

Over 30 vounteers helped during the Counseling Seminar
I am so thankful for everyone that helped with the children’s program during the conference. There were people making meals, helping in the children’s program, preparing before the conference, cleaning after each day, making the powerpoints, doing the slideshow presentation during the conference, doing the sound system, and picking up and dropping off the 4 speakers to and from the airport. 

Spent over 50 hours translating over 140 pages of Student Texbook 

I eddited the Student Texbook that was used over 2 years ago. It took several days to print the 140 page texbook for all the 130 students. 

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