Response to the Postponing of the Olympics

We had a large Olympic Kick Off Meeting in February before the outbreak of the corona virus. You can see in the picture that most people were not concerned and didn’t wear masks. 

There were over 100 pastors and missionaries gathered in Tokyo for 3 days to discuss and plan Olympic Sports Outreaches throughout the country. 

Tak is the regional leader for the Northwest of Japan. He presented what we have been doing in the Northwest of Japan and what is planned in the future.  

When we had this meeting, nobody at the meeting thought the Olympics would be postponed. Several weeks after this meeting, the Olympic Games was postponed to next year.
Meeting with Leaders to Discuss Future Plans

Our team members from Ishikawa Prefecture had an emergency meeting one day after it was decided the Olympics is postponed. 

The picture above was taken when we were meeting with the regional leader of Japan.

We are still planning to have sports outreaches after the fear disappears from the people. We are planning our outreaches in July and August depending on how many cases we have in our prefecture. 

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