Family Update: Noah’s Rehab Since Stroke

Noah continues to go to rehab almost every week. Noah is a very happy boy, but he still needs help with the right side of his body, especially his foot. The picture above was taken with a specialist who has been helping Noah about twice a month. We drive almost 2 hours one way to see this specialist. We have been able to see a lot of improvement in his posture and ability to walk more naturally since she has been working with him. 

The picture above was taken with Noah’s kindergarden teachers before CoVID began to spread in our prefecture. Noah graduated from kindergarden. Time goes by so fast. The picture below was taken at Noah’s entrance ceremony to elementary school. 

We still have some concerns about Noah’s speech and memory. He is able to communicate in short sentences in both Japanese and English, but still has aphasia related to the area of his brain where the stroke occurred. Noah is improving slowly in his memory, but still needs help.

The children are staying home now because of school cancellations due to CoVID, so thankfully Sarah is able to spend a lot of time one-on-one helping him with his school work.

Naomi and Jonah are doing well.

Naomi enjoys many different crafts like cross-stitch, knitting, and origami. She also enjoys helping Sarah with the vegetable garden, playing piano, and is a good big sister to her brothers.

Jonah has solidly entered the terrific twos. This age is one of our favorites with the kids. He is a very active, cheerful toddler, learning new things every day and keeping us on our toes.

Sarah is also doing well with her pregnancy. The due date for our 4th child is May 10th. Unfortunately due to CoVID, hospitals and clinics in our prefecture have barred mothers from having any spouses or other relatives attend births.

Unless anything changes by May, Sarah will have to give birth alone at the hospital. Pray for good communication between the nurses, doctors, and Sarah when she is in labor.

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