Ministry and CoVID-19 Pandemic

So much has changed. We have had to cancel or postpone most of our planned Olympic outreaches and other spring and summer ministries. However, God has been giving us different creative ways to reach the lost during this difficult time with the spread of CoVID. 

Tak is preaching on Sundays with a mask on. Services can be watched online.

The government asked all public schools to close, but many cities decided independently what to do. The government can only make recommendations because of the Japanese Constitution written by the US after World War 2. The government has no power to enforce their measures.

Many children continued to attend school during the last 2 months. Our city closed schools since the end of February other than brief graduation ceremonies and entrance ceremonies for the new school year in April. 

There is an increase in CoVID cases in the hospitals but it has not been as rapid as in the US or other countries. 

There are over 140 confirmed cases of people who have corona virus in our prefecture of 1.1 million.

We have our Sunday Worship Service and Wednesday Prayer Meeting live on the internet.

I still preach in the pulpit with a mask on because we allow people who don’t have internet to worship at the church building. We have a recommendation given by the government to keep our services to less than 10 people. We still have 3 services on Sundays. 

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