New Ministry to Share the Love of Jesus by Giving out Care Packages

This is Naomi and I packing care packages. Because most of our large meetings and events are postponed, we are partnering with another OM missionary family who has begun making care packages. 

Here is a list of what is inside the care package. 
-Card with a Bible Verse, 7 masks, vitamin C candy, tissue, hand soap, natural hand sanitizer

We made a total of over 250 care packages. We would like to make several thousand of these care packages in the next several months. There are several churches in Hong Kong which have sent masks. 

Hand sanitizer and masks have been sold out for more than 2 months in Japan. We are aware of direct connections between several churches in Hong Kong and factories. Please pray the Lord would be willing to bless this ministry and help us to obtain more masks.  

We have been able to give these care packages to city hall leaders, public elementary principals, vice principals, school teachers, and friends in the neighborhood.  

When we give these packages to people, their faces light up. There is a great shortage of masks here in Japan, and people are so thankful to receive them. We tell every person that we are Christians, and we ask them to read the Bible verse in the package. 

The picture below of Mr. Wong who started making care packages. Tak and Mr. Wong visited the city hall to give a care package to the city leader. He received it with a great smile on his face. We are thankful for this opportunity God has given us to build relationships with the leaders in our city. We can shine even brighter as Christians during this difficult time.

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