Spots Festival Outreach

It was so exciting we were permitted by the city to have the Sports Festival Outreach. We were planning this outreach for almost a year. We had two teams come from Tokyo and Hokkaido to help us with about 30 volunteers who stayed at our church. 

We are thankful for so many people who helped with the flyer design, flyer distribution, accommodation preparation, and meal preparation. We had 3 consecutive, full days of ministry training for the 65 volunteers.
We had over 760 people register for the event,  however we had to limit the even to 600 people divided over two separate sessions.

We had the support of over 12 churches in the area. It was the first time for me to see so many churches coming together in the Northwest of Japan for one single outreach event. We are planning for more local outreaches for the struggling churches in the Northwest of Japan in 2021.

We had one entrance and exit so we could give out flyers to all of the families. We invited people to visit the 12 churches in the area and come to the special evangelism meetings we had the following day on Sunday. We also invited the people to come to hear Yoriko’s salvation testimony at 4 different churches on Sunday.

It was a blessing to have Yoriko, who is a well known Tae Kwon Do Olympic bronze medalist in Japan. She became a Christian after she won the bronze medal. There were TV stations, the prefecture radio station, and news paper companies who came to interview her and the festival outreach.

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