Olympic Outreaches

Thank you for your prayers during the Olympic Games. 

The planning for the Olympic outreaches started over 3 years ago, and many of the outreaches will be finished by the end of this month. We are going to be busy for the next one month with the Paralympic outreaches and follow-up with the people who came to the many Olympic outreaches. 

Japan International Sports Partnership has a goal to pray for one million hours during the month of August for the athletes from around the world and the lost in Japan. We have hundreds of churches from around Japan and the world praying for the lost in Japan. It is a very exciting time to see many evangelical churches and mission organizations praying together during the month of August.  

Tak is the director for the Olympic Festival Outreaches and Olympic Vacation Bible School. So thankful for over 100 volunteers who helped with the two outreaches. Many people heard the gospel for the very first time. We had a Christian Bronze Medalist come and give a very clear gospel presentation to the children. We gave Bibles, gospel tracts, short booklets with salvation testimonies of famous Christian athletes, bookmarks with handwritten Bible verses, and many more to almost all the people who came to the Olympic outreaches. 

Tens of thousands of Tokyo Olympic Gospel Booklets are being handed out around Japan. Our church alone has finished handing out about 20,000 of them in our town and surrounding cities. Please be praying for these Tokyo Olympic Gospel Booklets that are being handed out around the country this month. 

Please also pray for Tak as he preaches in the Sunday and Wednesday services and leads many Bible studies during the week. Thankful that God is using the community and life groups in the church to train more vibrant followers of Jesus. 

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