Plans to Begin a International Christian School

God gave us a vision to start a Christian School in Japan before we came to Japan as missionaries. God has been preparing our family to begin a Christian school for the last 5 years, and it is finally time. God has been bringing the right people in our path who have the same burden to start a Christian school.

Tak has been visiting different churches in the Northwest of Japan for the last 4 months to share the vision to begin a Christian School for the purpose of discipleship and evangelism. Churches in Japan have only about 30 members on average, so there is a great need for churches to come together to begin the only Christian school in the Northwest of Japan. 

Many young people in Japan are leaving the church. Some churches are seeing over 90% of their young people leaving the church after entering middle school. The public educational system in Japan has a much stronger influence on the children compared to North America. We believe the discipleship of the young generation is the key to the revival in Japan.

Please pray that God will prvoide the startup cost ($50,000~$100,000) for the Christian School. We need to do several renovations at the church and purchase all the school supplies. We will also need to hire someone to work part-time to help with the preparation of the school so Tak will not be overburdened with all the responsibilities to start a school. 

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