Visiting Christian Schools in Japan

The summer has been very fruitful because Tak traveled around Japan to visit the best Christian Schools in Japan to learn how to begin and manage a Christian school. Tak visited a total of 4 Japanese Christian Schools, 3 English Christian Schools, and 2 Bilingual Christian schools. 

Hongodai Christian School in Yokohama. 35 students in Elementary to Highschool. The school has about 40 part time and full time teachers. 
Learning from Good Samaritan Christian School
Picture taken at Good Samaritan Christian School in Hyogo Prefecture. We took a team of 10 adults and 12 children to visit this school. The school had a total of 50 children from elementary to high school. 
Good Samaritan Church has about 300 church members, and it is more than double the size of our church in Japan. This church has begun several Social Welfare Organization that is funded by the government. Church members are able to work for the organization full time and receive income from the government. 

The staff at the Christian School cannot receive a full time income, but the staff can also work at the social welfare organization and get additional income from the government.

Tak is also planning to start these Social Welfare Organization after the school is running smoothly. Tak has a vision to begin a nursing home and an organization to hire disabled people for the purpose of evangelism and discipleship.

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