Beginning an International Christian School from April 2023

Many of our plans have changed, and God is guiding us to begin the only Christian School in the North West of Japan in two months. Many young people (50~90%) are leaving the church after entering middle school in Japan, and we are committed to discipling the next generation of Christians in Japan to reach the whole country for Christ. 

Tak got permission from the prefecture and the city leaders to begin the Christian School as a NPO. Attached is the picture of the board of directors. Tak is the chairman for the NPO and the temporary principal of the Christian School until we find someone suitable for the position. Tak has been able to find about 40 Christians who are willing to volunteer their time to teach at the Christian School. God is bringing the right people for the school. There are about 10 churches helping Tak with the start of this Christian School.

God has been providing funds through many individuals and churches. The new school year starts in April in Japan, and we are still trying to raise an additional $10,000 by the end of February to cover all the costs to set up the school. 

Renovation Cost: $3,000

Curriculum Cost: $3,500

School Supplies: $3,500 

Please pray that God will bring godly Christian teachers to our Christian School. If you know anyone who can be a great help for the Christian School, please let us know. 

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