About Tak and Sarah

Tak’s Salvation Testimony

I have been brought up in church ever since I can remember.  My mother took me to church since I was a little baby, and so I thought that I was always a Christian because I went to church, prayed, was involved in ministries, and was baptized at a young age. My church members, family, and Pastor thought that I was saved, but I had never repented from my sins or believed in Jesus Christ alone for my salvation.

Before Salvation

(Picture of myself when I was rebellious in High School before believing in Jesus)

God knew my spiritual condition, and I believe He sent me to Bob Jones University to be convicted about the truth.  It was my second year in university when God used a man named Adam to convict me.  Adam was filled with the love of God, and he showed great concern for my spiritual life and prayed for me regularly.  The more I spent time with him, the more I was convicted that I didn’t have what Adam had. I asked Adam if I could study the Bible together with him, and he responded, “praise the Lord, brother.”

(Pictures of Bob Jones University and the Preaching from God’s Word)

We studied the Book of Hebrews together for about 1-2 hours every week. After the first Bible study, I wanted to know more, and so we met multiple times to talk about God. I was convicted through His Word that Jesus is God and that Jesus Christ is the only way we can have our sins forgiven. Shortly after, one night I was not able to sleep because of the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and it was then that I finally put my faith in Jesus Christ alone for my salvation.

Adam and Tak

(Picture of Adam and I after my salvation)

My spiritual battle is never ending but I have confidence that God will accomplish the work He began in my life.

Immediately after my salvation, I felt the desire to tell others about Jesus and make disciples in Japan the same way Adam did for me.  I traveled on three mission trips in 2007, and that is when God convicted me to become a missionary in Japan. There were also many confirmations by other people that God has called me to become a shepherd.

(Pictures from the Mission Trips when God confirmed my calling to be a Pastor)

After I finished my Bachelor’s degree in University, I went to Bob Jones Seminary.   I was an Associate Pastor at Victory Baptist Church between 2011-2015, Missionary in Japan between 2015 October – 2016 April, and Mission Pastor at Bridge Church between 2016-2017 September.


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