Sharing the Gospel to Firefighters

We are so thankful that we were able to give the Gospel to the firefighters at the fire station in our city. We had many of our church families and friends visit the fire station. This was the first time for our church to visit the fire station.  The firefighters were very kind, and they... Continue Reading →

Ministry and CoVID-19 Pandemic

So much has changed. We have had to cancel or postpone most of our planned Olympic outreaches and other spring and summer ministries. However, God has been giving us different creative ways to reach the lost during this difficult time with the spread of CoVID.  Tak is preaching on Sundays with a mask on. Services... Continue Reading →

Response to the Postponing of the Olympics

We had a large Olympic Kick Off Meeting in February before the outbreak of the corona virus. You can see in the picture that most people were not concerned and didn't wear masks. There were over 100 pastors and missionaries gathered in Tokyo for 3 days to discuss and plan Olympic Sports Outreaches throughout the country. ... Continue Reading →

Overseas Instruction in Counseling

OIC is a branch of Association of certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). We will have the second training session in November this year and two more training sessions in 2020.  OIC has been training Biblical Counselors in over 31 countries for more than 15 years.  We had a total of 4 guest speapkers. Dr. Joe from... Continue Reading →

Counseling Seminar

The last two months have been a very fruitful time of ministry in Japan. We have been doing many trainings, teachings, gospel concerts, and outreaches. 42 Churches were invited to the Conference We sent out multiple letters and flyers to 42 Evangelical Churches on the West Coast of Japan to promote this Biblical Counseling Training... Continue Reading →

Book Store Outreach

Kanazawa Beans is one of the largest bookstores in Japan. The bookstore has 800,000 books. It was a privilege for our church and Awana Club to do a Christmas Concert and share the story about Jesus.  People Sat Through the One Hour ProgramPrayers were answered, and there were parents and children who sat through the whole... Continue Reading →

Four Children Baptized

We are very thankful there were four children who made a profession of faith and were baptized! It was a great honor to baptize the child in the photo. He has attended Awana club and church from a young age, but came to faith through a series of sermons on trials and faith in God.... Continue Reading →

Public Library Outreach

The city library has a Christmas party every year, and the library invited Sarah and I to share a story about Christmas. There were about 50-60 people who came. Almost all of them were new people who have never attended church before. We did a dramatic reading of the first Christmas story in both English... Continue Reading →

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