Biblical Counseling

Overseas Instruction in Counseling: Introduction It was a great privilege to have Dr. Joe visit and speak at our church about the possibility of training the Pastors and lay leaders on the West Coast of Japan in Biblical Counseling.  Churches and Leaders excited to be trained in Biblical CounselingWe had several church leaders from different... Continue Reading →

Concert at Aeon Shopping Mall

We are so thankful for another opportunity we had to do a concert at a large shopping mall. Throughout the program, we were permitted to handout Christmas Eve church service invitations and Gospel scrollpens. There were many people who sat through the whole presentation. Children helped handing out flyer invitationsWe are so thankful for the... Continue Reading →

AWANA 30th Anniversary in Japan

Awana 30th Anniversary Egawa Katsumi Awana club in Japan began 30 years ago, and the headquarters of Awana Japan is located at our church. The man on the right, Egawa, is the first Awana Missionary in Japan. Suzuki MissionaryThis is the second Awana missionary in Japan. He quit his good job to be a full time Awana... Continue Reading →

School Patrol Volunteering

Noah and I had an opportunity to stand at the street corner to make sure the children who walk to school can safely cross. We were able to meet many elementary school students. Many children in the neighborhood and area know our family. Sarah and the children at Noah's kindergarten (over 150 children attend here).The... Continue Reading →

Christmas Outreach

Handed out flyers to all the students in 4 Public Schools We are so thankful for the team of volunteers who helped us hand out flyers for our Children's Christmas Outreach.  School starts at 8 am in Japan, and elementary school students begin arriving at school from 7 am. So early!!! We received permission from... Continue Reading →

Working with Other Missionaries

Missionaries Joined Work in Japan I met these two ladies from Malaysia in the Netherlands where OM missionaries are trained before they are sent to the field. These two ladies arrived in Japan. Please pray for more laborers to be sent! Missionary finished one year training We are thankful for our fellow missionary who just... Continue Reading →

Festival Outreach

Almost 300 people visited from the neighborhood and heard the Gospel The gospel is shared through preaching and special puppet show. Special seating to accommodate 300 people! There were many parents and children who visited this festival. Some people asked us to invite them every year to this outreach! God is good! Most of the... Continue Reading →

Noah’s Update

Noah's Update We had a meeting with the neurologist and he reassured us that he doesn't expect Noah to have a risk of stroke again. He sent out letters to many pediatric neurologists in Japan and said all the responses back were that it is very rare to have a repeat stroke following this time... Continue Reading →

English Circle Time at Public Library

English Circle Time at Public Library Sarah has been reading English books and singing songs with children and their parents at the library on a monthly basis. There are new mothers and children coming every time. We have started weekly Bible study at our home with two of the mothers we met at this library... Continue Reading →

Nagashi Soumen Noodles and Farewell

Nagashi Soumen Noodles The children really enjoyed the Nagashi-Somen at the Vacation Bible School. We let the noodles run down a pipe, and the children have to pick the noodles up with chopsticks before the noodles flow away and disappear. It was one of the high lights, and many children are still talking about it.... Continue Reading →

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