Nagashi Soumen Noodles and Farewell

Nagashi Soumen Noodles The children really enjoyed the Nagashi-Somen at the Vacation Bible School. We let the noodles run down a pipe, and the children have to pick the noodles up with chopsticks before the noodles flow away and disappear. It was one of the high lights, and many children are still talking about it.... Continue Reading →

Gospel Concert Outreach by Junko Cheng

We did a Gospel Concert Outreach several months ago and invited a special guest from California. Her name is Junko Cheng. We were able to invite many friends and neighbors to church. The Concert Poster was posted at the Public Library, stores, and other places. The Public Library was so excited about Junko doing a... Continue Reading →

First Meeting at the Public Library

Our son's stroke happened at a time when God was opening new opportunities for ministry here in Japan. This storm of life came after 7 months of ministering in Japan, when our whole family was finally getting acclimated and adjusted to our new life in Japan. This trial was so sudden, has taken so much... Continue Reading →

Miraculous Healing of Noah

God is hearing each prayer and answering. He started talking in short sentences! Noah's smile is back! Both his eyes just lit up today with so much expression. Then first his left side and then his right side of his face lifted in a beautiful smile. God answered Naomi's prayer to bring back her little... Continue Reading →

Our Son had a Stroke

We have an urgent prayer request. Our 4 year old son had a STROKE on the left side of his Brain. The doctors have determined it is either a clot or arterial dissection in the left major artery deep inside the brain. The basal ganglia has already died. They are concerned about the whole left... Continue Reading →

Birth of Jonah Ruben Hayashi

We know many of you were waiting expectantly to hear the good news of the birth of our third child. 🙂 We welcomed Jonah Ruben Hayashi , 譲成 光勉 林, into our family on Tuesday, January 16th at 12:53 a.m. Baby weight: 3385grams Length: 51cm Head circumference: 35.5cm Jonah means dove/peace. We chose this name as a reminder from Jonah 4:2... Continue Reading →


Happy New Year! 2017 went by so fast. God has been answering your prayers, and we have been having many open doors to share the Gospel in unlikely places. Sharing the Gospel at Omicho Fish Market. With several other missionaries, and young families from Uchinada church, we handed out 1000 Gospel flyers in the downtown... Continue Reading →

Christmas Outreach Prayer Request

Teaching and Mobilizing In the last few weeks, I have begun preaching at various services and sharing the vision for Japanese believers to develop close fellowship and to be disciple-makers. Each time, there have been specific people who have vocalized a desire to follow through to disciple others, yet desire personal discipleship themselves. I hope... Continue Reading →

A Generous Welcome

Thank you for your prayers! As we settle into routines, we are beginning to feel at home here in Uchinada, Japan. Uchinada church has been very kind to our family and made us feel very welcome. This church is under the teaching and care of Pastor Sakai, the chair of OM Japan, and has been... Continue Reading →

Arrival in Japan

Greetings from Uchinada Japan! We were blessed with a flight last Thursday from Vancouver to Nagoya, Japan. Unfortunately, we were not able to get any standby flights to Tokyo, so we were unable to travel to visit Tak's family. However, we are looking forward to a visit from Tak's mother when our baby is born in... Continue Reading →

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